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Ishan Rana, Co-founder, IIT Delhi

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Apoorv Gaur, Co-founder, IIT Delhi

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At Edcoogle you can ask your doubts and get quick answers from brilliant teachers. Answers which are easy and clear to understand.

Not able to understand in your class? Your teacher goes too fast ? At Edcoogle, study at your own pace from the best educational videos, arranged by your class.

No more googling for test papers on the internet. We have collected the best test papers of previous exams for you. Solve them to improve your score in exams.

Need all math formulas before exam? We have it! Need physics short notes? Yes, we have it too! Use them to quickly study all your topics before exams.

We are a group of teachers and IITians who want to make education available, rewarding and easy for all students. 

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